June 20, 2021


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Segway eMoped C80: Hands-on with Segway’s first smart e-bike – CNET

Segmethod -- sure, that Segmethod. It is abancarried outd the mall-cop-wanting scooters of its previ.......

Segmethod — sure, that Segmethod. It is abancarried outd the mall-cop-wanting scooters of its previous and now makes A pair of of In all probability the most fascinating electrical journeyables Out tright here on the market. The C80 is its first try at an e-bike, Neverthemuch less it likes to name it an e-moped. “What’s the distinction?” You’d possibly ask. Primarily, in distinction to a gasoline moped, You Do not want insurance coverage to drive this factor round.

Segmethod’s first try at an e-bike.

Logan Moy/CNET


The Segmethod C80 has a most velocity of 20 mph at full throttle And is not meant to be pedaled. The pedals and cranks on this bike Aren’t like conventional ones, which makes pedaling unsnug. I actually Can’t pedal this bike with out falling over. However You are informed To not use them Inside the instructions guide. So why are they tright here? Segmethod says They Appear to be a safeguard for the journeyr if the battery dies, but since they’re primarily unusable, I really feel they’re tright here as a Outcome of eradicating them would classify this system as one factor Aside from an e-bike, with probably extra restrictions.

Climb Inside The driving strain’s seat

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The 24-amp hour battery has A selection of about 47 to 52 miles, which Is Amongst The numerous prolongeder differs I’ve ever examined, and undoubtedly held As a lot Since the declare on my largest journey. You will Have The power to cost it by plugging immediately into the bike, In any other case you can take away the battery and take it inside like I did. Beset off at 200-plus kilos, That might not A motorcycle you can simply retailer in an ahalfment.

My favourite half about this bike is how snug It is to journey. The entrance suspension and central shock absorber make bumps and potholes really feel like mild bounces Everytime You are driving. Tright here is furtherly an auto cruise nicection Which will primarytain no matter velocity You are presently at simply by pushing a button, So that you can sit again, primarytain on and Revenue from the journey.

The C80 has a twin antilock braking system with each entrance disc and rear drum brakes Which will regenerate power for the battery. Plus, the seat is like sitting on a pillow. I do not Understand how properly It is going to primarytain up prolonged-time period, but I’ve simply ridden for over an hour with out ceaseping for a break. This is by far In all probability the most snug e-bike I’ve ever ridden.

The Segmethod eMoped C80 has a most velocity of 20 mph.

Logan Moy/CNET

Smart Safety measures

Definitely one of my least favourite factors about driving any bike is having to lock it up. I really feel Choose it might actually kill the momentum of a nice journey, and typinamey it’s strong To discover A great, safe place to tie your bike to. Segmethod actually focused on making the C80 a seammuch less expertise with its smart Safety measures.

This bike Does not want a key to Activate. Tright here is a key to open the battery comhalfment if the bike has no power, Neverthemuch less it makes use of an NFC automotived or the mobile app for everyfactor else. Just faucet Definitely one of many two included automotiveds to the current and the bike unlocks and powers up. You will Need to create an account and hyperlink your bike The primary time you journey so the NFC automotiveds are registered. Turning it off Is So straightforward as primarytaining the button on The biggest till you hear the chime. The bike Could be locked by turning the handlebars to the left, till it clicks, primarytaining any would-be thieves from touring in a straight line.

However That is not the C80’s solely Safety measures. It has what Segmethod names the RideyGo Clever System. This consists of an alarm, an airlock system and a sensor Inside the seat that detects when somebody is sitting on it. If the bike strikes even barely, the alarm goes off, the tires lock up and a notification Is shipped to the proprietor’s telephone. Neverthemuch less, I ought to level out that these “smart” Safety measures require the battery, so primarytain that in thoughts when storing it.

Everyfactor is made simpler with the mobile app. Collectively with monitoring your journeys and battery differ, It might allow further settings and make The security measures extra seammuch less. The app connects to the bike using Bluetooth, and the bike will mechaninamey lock Do you have to stroll amethod from it and Activate with out the NFC automotived Everytime You Get back.

You May furtherly use the app to set the bike’s push assist, auto cruise and regenerative power settings, Which might create resistance Inside the motor To assist cost the battery wright hereas coasting or driving downhill. I hated having that nicection on although, as a Outcome of it made my downhill velocitys Tons slower And fewer nice. Plus, with a 50-mile differ, Tright here Is not any Need to be stingy with the battery.

Regardmuch less of The very Incontrovertible actuality that I’ve full confidence Inside the bike’s security system, it Did not cease me from really feeling anxious about leaving it unchained wright hereas I ran inside a retailer or ate at a restaurant.

The C80 connects to a mobile app For further settings and options.

Logan Moy/CNET


All proper, let’s Converse about how the bike appears. I really feel You are both going To love or hate it. Personally, I really feel it appears actually cool and futuristic. At first I wasn’t that Eager about being despatched the yellow one, but after driving it on busy roads, I’ve come To beneathstand The sensible colours for automotives to see me extra simply. It is furtherly available in three completely different colours.

The Liquid crystal display current is huge and bproper enough to study outdoorss, and doesn’t overwhelm you with An extreme quantity Of information. The constructed-in entrance LED lights Can furtherly get pretty bproper, And Tright here is a sensor To level out them on mechaninamey when it will get darkish.

Looks like a moped, journeys like an e-bike.

Logan Moy/CNET

Who’s it for?

The Segmethod C80 Is out tright here in at a cool $2,200. Not a price range e-bike by any stretch, Neverthemuch less It Is not anyt going To interrupt the financial institution For a lot of both.

Earlier than You start typing in your Bank automotived information although, let me Inform you about some caveats. I even have been driving this bike every probability I get. Any alternative I Needed to take it out over my automotive was a deal with. I actually like The althought Of getting a C80 to go seize a chew to eat or run A quick errand. Neverthemuch less, The fact is that I Did not Even have that many alternatives To place it to use The biggest method I envisioned.

The Most very important set off: storage. Tright here are presently no equipment for automotiverying a quantity of gadgets, although the bike does supply a small hook To primarytain a bag. Tright here Could Even be some Finally, but this made my automotive In all probability the Most rational selection for working any errands wright here I Needed to convey again extra gadgets than Would slot in my againpack, which was about 95% of the time.

It ended up solely making sense to take the C80 out for meals or leisurely journeys. And if I am going out driving for leisure, I prefer one factor with pedals you can truly use. In any other case I get Sort of bored.

Ancompletely different draw again is that, wright hereas this journeys like an e-bike And will be ridden anywright here bikes are allowed, Most people Do not know that. So anticipate A lot of soiled appears from each pedestrians and drivers. Pedestrians will assume You are illegally driving a moped on a sidestroll or bike path, and drivers caught behind you on the road will get irritated You can’t go as quick. So Do you have to automotivee about what completely differents assume, I am Not sure wright here You are Alleged to journey the C80.

With all that said, I can not see myself proudly owning the Segmethod C80. I really feel it makes In all probability the most sense For People who stay in spaces with much less visitors like small cities or bevery communities, Neverthemuch less the roads Inside the neighborhood wright here I stay are far too busy, and to be reliable, I’ven’t acquired anywright here to retailer A motorcycle like this in my ahalfment.

I truly went in the direction of the instructions guide and left it in my outdoors Automobile parking space beneath A motorcycle cowl To shield it from climate. However I solely had it for A pair of months right here in sunny Southern California, and it’s going again as quickly as I am carried out with this video, so I undoubtedly Wouldn’t advocate that for An prolonged-time period reply.